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Who is S2D2?

S2D2 is led by its founder, Loraine Green. One of the tenets of behaving sustainably is to utilize existing resources wisely and optimally. Green believes there is already a plethora of organizations and service providers for sustainability and green/clean tech development. From this enormous resource pool, she draws upon the greatest talent to provide the many specialized skills required to address the complexities of sustainability in complement with and beyond her own skill set. Those subject matter experts she works with share her ethics and passion for serving clients with integrity and ingenuity, pushing the envelope to provide the best value for service.

Loraine Green

Chief Systems Strategist, Advanced Technologies Agent

A proven strategic thinker and strong client manager, Loraine channels her passion for design innovation and mastery of technical and regulatory matters to help guide her clients through the complex maze toward operating more sustainably.

As a sustainable systems strategist, Loraine’s strength lies in formulating effective and authentic plans that optimize social, environmental, and profitable performance for clients, placing a strong emphasis on the engagement of stakeholders.

Loraine helps her clients do well by doing good, challenging them to examine their organizational values and goals under the lens of sustainability, and finding practices that are resourceful and cost-efficient. Her astute ability to uncover opportunities for improving operational efficiencies and implementing cutting edge technology has enabled her clients to deliver commitments to very aggressive carbon, water and waste reduction targets, supported by rigorous benchmarking and analysis.

Her passion is developing and promoting industrial and agricultural systems improvement by applying sustainable/regenerative design principles and innovative technology. Known as an engaging public speaker, Loraine was featured as a session speaker for “Facilitating Technology Transfer and Commercialization of Green/CleanTech,” at NCSE’s 10th National Conference on Science, Policy and the Environment: The New Green Economy in January 2010.

Prior to launching Sustainable Systems Design/Development, Loraine served as a Corporate Sustainability Consultant and Senior Project Manager for McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC). With a lead role in the engagement and support of key clients, Loraine instigated internal protocols design and management processes to ensure consistency in project tracking and quality service delivery to clients. She provided guidance to companies integrating Cradle-to-Cradle principles and protocols into design/decision-making processes; supported leadership in organizations transitioning to sustainability; developed systems for optimized selection of raw materials; and created rigorous procedural guidelines for the MBDC C2C Product Certification Program.

Having worked in Brussels, Belgium for the European Community (EC), she was responsible for briefing the EC Environmental Directorate Commissioner regarding US environmental regulations and the implications of de-regulation policies under the Reagan Administration. Among her many successes while working for the New Zealand Embassy as their first Senior Officer for Commercial and Regulatory Affairs within the NZ Trade Development Board, Loraine won a landmark US Customs decision for textiles in an era of US textile protectionism.

She has also been personally active in the sustainability movement, eco construction and community development. Amongst the many groups she has served with, Loraine is a Certified Tree Steward and she served as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for the non-profit Living Well Residential Home Care.  Radiocast about Living Well: http://kopn.org/a/fl2.html?http://kopn.org/dc/fs/12-23-10%20Food%20Sleuth.mp3.

What Her Clients Say About Her….

I have enjoyed working with Loraine immensely, and have welcomed her support, insight and challenge throughout our working relationship. Three things stand out for me: 

  • Passion and Honesty
  • Breadth and Depth of Knowledge
  • Ability to align with business approach and priorities

It would have been as easy to reference authenticity and realism instead of passion and honesty, all are equally true. Loraine sees the big picture in the area of sustainability, but is able to remain grounded in what needs to be prioritised for business. Clearly her experience, technical and personal skill set help bring this together as a package, but it impresses me how well Loraine sees past the current area of focus and ensures consideration of wider issues and alignment with stated and developed strategy and priorities. Through her honest approach, Loraine is able to ensure the client retains alignment with their aspirations and where compromises do need to be made, that they are transparent and shared accordingly.

Loraine has a wealth of knowledge and understanding across a full range of sustainability areas – wider than specific Life Cycle Analysis – and across a range of different industries and materials. The breadth and depth of her understanding in many areas is fairly unique and this is a great bonus when starting on the journey of sustainability and selecting areas for focus and success. Loraine brings this fully to bear and supports it well with strong project management and communication skills. Able to work with all levels within the business and across cultures globally, she has demonstrated empathy and support as well as excellent delivery to challenging deadlines and internal processes.

It is important to keep a clear business approach with sustainability. Sustainability is not new, business have always done something in this area. It has developed from CSR, pushed further and will achieve much more. Loraine will work with those businesses that are, themselves, honest in their approach and what they want to achieve and she will be instrumental in their success. Within a wider project role there were a number of “smaller” deliveries, but for each I was impressed by the quality of delivery and often surprised by the wider scope of delivery and achievement which continues to push our thinking and expectations for sustainability to new heights.

Adrian Greet
Global Sustainability Programme Director, (Corporate Identity Confidential)
United Kingdom

USA 434 409 0921 // lgreen@s2designed.com // Skype: Elle Green [Crozet]